Bethany Turner - Construction & Building Services Management Level 4 Apprentice

Despite the pressures of COVID-19, the college adapted and was able to facilitate the delivery of online lectures during block releases. This allowed my apprenticeship to continue with minimal impact.

Stephen Nisbett - Former Access to Higher Education Diploma in Science student

“The College has been brilliant. The access course provides a fast route to university but it’s not the easiest cramming the equivalent of two years’ worth of A Levels into one year!”

“Access students are also trying to study alongside other responsibilities such as families and work. It can be challenging to fit it all in. But the tutors have been amazing. I have had a lot of support.

"It’s all there and you can get a lot of help if you need it. For anybody thinking of going into education or re-doing college or for anyone who thinks it’s too late to go to university – it’s not. It’s never too late.”

James Salleh - Former Access to Higher Education Diploma in Health Professions - Nursing student

“I chose the access course because it puts me on the path to achieving that. It has been brilliant. The staff have absolutely helped me to excel and get me to where I want to be. It is absolutely, completely possible to return to studying as an adult. You will receive the support and guidance that you need.”

Chloe Thompson - Former Foundation Degree in Public Services: Policing Studies student

“My tutors have been amazing and provided a lot of support, particularly during the pandemic. I have always been interested in a career in the police. I want to make a difference to people’s lives.”